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Welcome to myMemopad
Your personal online memo pad

At myMemopad you have the possibility to create a personal memo pad which you can read and edit everywhere.

Certainly you already were as well in the following situation: You surf at school, at work or in an internet café in the web and would like to note something, but have nothing to write ready?
You found an interesting website, but do not want to write the 200 cryptic characters long address down in order to study the page more exactly at home?

In these and many further situations your personal memo pad at myMemopad can help you out in the future.

Preview of myMemopad

Advantages of myMemopad
More mobility & comfort

  • fast & uncomplicated
  • attainable everywhere
  • quick registration
  • no collection of personal data
  • no transmission or analysis
    of any stored memos
  • completely free